KAS Quilt Covers

KAS quilt covers

KAS specialises in fashionable home furnishings that reflect the youthful outlook of its management and designers. A leader in design trends and this is reflected in our contemporary lifestyle product range. The KAS collection includes bed linen, and co-ordinated accessories such as cushions, throws, comforters and sheet sets, as well as a new home fragrance and bath towel range.

The co-ordination of designs and colours across many different products distinguishes KAS from other homeware suppliers and strongly appeals to retailers.

The company employs a wide range of manufacturing techniques and finishes, resulting in a collection which includes luxe items as well as more casual design ranges. KAS has developed a worldwide reputation as a supplier of top quality designs combined with consistently competitive price points. In addition to its fresh designs, KAS success rests upon its dedication to customer care and satisfaction, also to its unwavering commitment to merchandise of the highest quality.

It is a quality assured company with a fully equipped testing laboratory, and maintains ISO 9001 standards in every area of operations. KAS quilt covers designs reflect the casual sophistication of contemporary Australian life and the variety of choice demanded in today’s homewares marketplace.

All products undergo rigorous testing according to international quality standards in our fully equipped testing laboratory. This also allows us to perform testing on any product that has experienced unusual damage or ware to further understand the performance of our products and provide superior customer satisfaction. Where merchandise is imported from key suppliers, we continuously strive to only purchase from reputable sources with strict quality control.

For KAS Australia, there is no substitute for quality merchandise. It is an area where all management and staff members continuously strive to improve upon. We always welcome feedback and recommendations from our customers.