Sheridan Quilt Covers

sheridan quilt covers

From pioneering beginnings as Australia’s first ever textile printing business, to driving collaboration with Australian artists in the 1980s, Sheridan is a global market leader steeped in artistry, craftsmanship and quality.

An integral part of the Australian cultural landscape, Sheridan has been challenging and defining the way Australians decorate their homes for over forty years. A rich heritage has been shaped by visionary founder Claudio Alcorso, a man who not only established Sheridan as the progressive brand it is today, but a man who indelibly shaped Australia through his involvement with the arts, environment and Australian culture. His legacy is a pioneering spirit that drives Sheridan’s passion for innovation today.

Sheridan quilt covers have decorated and warmed almost every bed in every home in Australia. They have been continually producing and creating different deluxe products for the home such as bed sheets, pillows and pillow covers, towels, bathrobes, even candles, home fragrances, bath and body products, and loungewear. However, one can say that their quilt covers are the star of their show.

Throughout the years, they have provided for their loyal customers quite a number of beautiful and luxurious quilt cover sets with designs that range from classic to floral. Aside from their classic quilt covers that feature minimalistic but refined design, they also create new seasonal collections that truly capture the colour of their inspiration, from the abundant greens and vibrant blooms to the wide blue seas of Australia. Every quilt cover design has been meticulously planned and created to really capture the overall theme for a specific collection. One of the most recently released quilt cover collection is Botanik, a floral inspired design collection featuring vibrant colours and flower patterns, capturing the beauty of Australia. Each of these designs is specially hand painted by resident artists and transformed into quilt patterns by professional technicians.

Magnificent designs aside, what really makes the Sheridan quilt covers a favourite is its high quality, durability, and comfort. Sheridan has perfected this formula of the best quilt covers in providing utmost comfort while ensuring that their products last. Their quilts are light, too and so are not heavy and burdening to move and wash. Made mostly of 100% cotton and linen, Sheridan quilt covers provide effective protection and satisfaction for whatever weather. These quilt covers are also easy to wash, promising increasing softness after every wash but without unravelling easily.