Logan and Mason Marley Quilt Cover Set Review


Logan and Mason is one of the most iconic brands in bedroom department as their range of covers, sheets, towels, pillows, and more are all uniquely designed and intricately elegant. When you are looking for luxurious products with excellent designs, there are few better choices than this company. The Logan & Mason Marley is one of the most elegant quilt covers you will ever place on your bed and the design promises nice evenings of relaxation followed by a deep sleep that will be complemented by the softness of the fabric and the quality of its build.

Logan and Mason Marley Lime

Marley Lime Quilt Cover Set By Logan and Mason

Logan and Mason Marley Lime features large scale zig-zags in contemporary charcoal, linen and a splash of summer lime to make this design really pop.

The plain dye reverse in lime gives turn-back contrast. The self-flanged edges are outlined in lime green piping to complete the look.


Logan and Mason Marley Mint

Marley Mint


A fantastic set which works by contrasting the light colours of mint and white with a darker grey. The design of the horizontal zig-zag lines blends the mint, white, and grey colours perfectly together, creating an unparalleled piece that fits any room. The lines are immaculately aligned, a small fact which results in a magnificent design which is simple yet effective. Whether you want to set a calming tone by putting the emphasis on the dark grey or liven up a room with the touches of mint and white, the end result will look stunning anyway.

Logan and Mason Marley Yellow

Logan and Mason Marley Yellow

Elegance is the name of the game with this Marley design complemented by the yellow, white, and grey colours which are evenly distributed with the best results. The subtlety of the design makes it very aesthetically pleasing and its effects vary depending on the background. When you contrast the vibrant yellow with darker colours, you will also augment the white and grey lines which are a joy to behold. Placing the cover against a light background will instead bring out the yellow colour which seemingly makes the coven even fuller of life. A great addition to any bedroom, regardless of the end result.

Logan and Mason Marley Tangerine

Logan and Mason Marley Tangerine

Another amazing chevron print which features dynamic zig-zag lines in a horizontal pattern, this set brings white, light grey, and tangerine colours in perfect unison. The tangerine touches are just enough to brighten up the entire set without overwhelming the other colours. The design is simply graceful and it allows you to create a stylish bedroom with beautiful colour accents. There is less emphasis on the contrast and more focus on bringing out the joyful colours while keeping the set neat and tasteful. Overall, the set is fantastic when you want to brighten up a room with an elegant touch instead of being bombarded with a range of unfitting colours.

Logan and Mason Marley Black

Logan and Mason Marley Black

Perhaps one of the most elegant designs I have ever had the pleasure of displaying and enjoying on my bed, these black Marley covers are surprisingly welcoming after a long day at work. Some people dislike vibrant colours in their bedrooms and the black-and-white contrast of these covers provides the perfect alternative. Another great thing is that they pretty much go with any bedroom so if you are considering covers as a gift, these are your best choice.