Logan and Mason Marley Quilt Cover Set Review

Logan and Mason is one of the most iconic brands in bedroom department as their range of covers, sheets, towels, pillows, and more are all uniquely designed and intricately elegant. When you are looking for luxurious products with excellent designs, there are few better choices than this company. The Logan & Mason Marley is one of […]

Sheridan Quilt Covers

From pioneering beginnings as Australia’s first ever textile printing business, to driving collaboration with Australian artists in the 1980s, Sheridan is a global market leader steeped in artistry, craftsmanship and quality. An integral part of the Australian cultural landscape, Sheridan has been challenging and defining the way Australians decorate their homes for over forty years. […]

KAS Quilt Covers

KAS specialises in fashionable home furnishings that reflect the youthful outlook of its management and designers. A leader in design trends and this is reflected in our contemporary lifestyle product range. The KAS collection includes bed linen, and co-ordinated accessories such as cushions, throws, comforters and sheet sets, as well as a new home fragrance […]